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The Old World

If the author of the Cosmic Code knew what this ancient shrine was used for his information would concern psychology, or more correctly "phylogenetic memory" and "repressed parental complex", the invocation of the circadian rhythm and the unconscious counting of days and light cycles within the limbic system by accessing the unconscious mind. He would explain why a County was called a "count"y and so many Henrys were English kings. His discourse would rightfully spend pages describing the duties of the Truthsayer in the court and the relationship of the Truthsayer to the people.

Animal society evolved from the primarily unconscious relations of animals to a mix of information, some physical, consciously manipulated and some non physical, consciously respected but unknown to the conscious mind. The structure of the primordial controls nervous syntax amounting to billions of signals for sophisticated ambulation and it is totally unconscious. The unconscious mind in its primordial pattern occupies unused space, a great deal of it. Instructions to the animal can be retained in that absolutely unconscious part of the mind for years, to manifest in actions or conscious thoughts, feeling or virtually anything the mind can experience.

The ancient animal adept, possessing the oldest structures of mental focus in existence concerning the gestalt dynamics of expression, and manipulation of the selfs non physical projections to another living being to alter their non physical state. Information in its essence has no physicality and was first manipulated by the Shaman and others then the Truthsayer.


The Native American Shaman.

This is from a book about Santa Barbara history written in 1925 by Arthur Hawley

"As a rule the religious body did not share in the general life of the tribe" The isolation served one primary purpose in that it enhanced the memory control exerted on the tribe as a group by the Shaman because the abcense of the reminder, the visual contact upon the person performing the hypnosis was not present in the daily life of the tribal subjects. Go back to EMOTIONS and MEMORY and examine the text and my conclusion again. Bookmark this page, no link back.

The Truthsayer generally knew of all of the people in an area. Their needs, their ways, their beliefs as well as those of the powerful, controlling elite. If the Truthsayer spent much time with the local healers to learn of the people, they were trusted by the people. When the Truthsayer was certifying that a given person was deep in a trance and therefore incapable of lying, the people knew it was so and accepted the reasonable decision of the authority of the court. When the healers of the land did not trust the Truthsayer the people would not support the authority until a Truthsayer had made themselves known and accepted by the people.

The Truthsayer and the Shamin were both very effective in the initial induction of a somnambulistic state on the mind of a child. The Truthsayer would contact children aged 3 or 4, in conjunction with a local healer, and induce a trance on the children and administer instructions that would enhance the subjects subsequent mental transitions, the speaking of truth in court and perhaps transfer the information of an oral history or teach certain things of long term interest politically. If they were to carry an oral history they were given instructions "to know everything they were ever told about the past when the old bearer dies" or some variation perhaps "you will hear the voice of the old bearer again whenever you need to know". In this case the bearer will hear voices when the auditory nerves are restimulated by the reversed neural function to hearing. The shock to the unconscious shatters the barrier to deep memory and the knowledge unfolds to conscious access inexorably linked to their language.

It is a paradox to say we could be conscious of the unconscious in the present. We can however be conscious of the past unconscious in the present.

As the subject aged to 7 or 8 the information embodied, teaching of vocation, history and culture, or rites of passage. Marriage instructions were given that would become ingrained in time to manifest in appropriate expectations facilitating lifelong relationships of parents and very stable family/community establishments.

The Sun is the bringer of life and our cells recognize it as time itself. We live our lives in time.

What isn't mentioned in Zecharia Sitchins book is why we don't know exactly what made the solstices so important. Sitchin later makes very many correlation's between language, names and myth and may very well be onto something.


Why is Japan called the land of the rising Sun?