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Page 175, concerning dissociation or repression from childhood.

Conclusion, page 175

At the top of page 175. "The general tendency" of the subject to forget the events of the trance after emerging from it. (1) states that suggestion conducive to remembering is successful. If this is so it is reasonable to assume the reverse to be easier and more successful because of the "tendency to forget". The implications of; (2) reversed as well of (4) with regard to cognitive reinforcements creating severe distortions and the consideration of multiple subjects, given conditional, reciprocal suggestion motivated by disassociation's or repressed parental complex, fears or desires and phylogenically driven affectations; can be extreme in memory control as well as action.

Consistently post hypnotic controlled memory or action, elements of behavior, are shown as easily attainable when instinctual needs parallel to survival or evolution are invoked that are phylogenically correct. in addition the extreme becomes moreso in potential with consideration to memory and post hypnotic action over long periods of time enabling drastic repression's, disassociation's, cognitive distortions and reflex conditioning.

The Old World