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This page is a story about a wallet that I found that was filled with pictures and a drivers license. What is documented is a mans broken heart and the use of a young woman to break it.

I found the wallet inside of a car I cut up as a parts car. I had seen the car parked on a street near a friend who lived in a trailer park. He had told me that a cab driver living on the side of the park near the car owned it. I stopped by and inquired about the car and he said he would sell it for $125. A few days later I was ready to take the car and paid him. He said there was something wanted to get out but didn't want to at the time. I remember him saying, "There's a wallet above the glove box all its got is a drivers license. And....... well don't look at it if you find it just bring it back to me."

13 Years later I found it.

Here he is, the water damage obliterates his face. His name is Pete

Here she is. Kimberly


She had sex with him and he fell deeply in love with her.

She made him feel secure with his love dependent on her beauty for his animal gratification.

Sometime before I met him she left him. Perhaps 1980. When I was cutting the car apart realizing that I had only salvaged a few of the parts from it I could have, thinking the effort had been a waste, I sliced through the dash board to the glove box with the saw I was using and the wallet fell out. I thought "money", then I saw the pictures and I realized where the wallet had come from. Suddenly I realized that the reason I had the car was to find the wallet so I could know how often this happens and how much it hurts our culture. Relationships are being set up using hypnosis and a somnambulistic trance state exploiting our old animal mind and sex. Knowing this I called and tracked down a recent number to try and talk to him about experiences I had that matched his and the reasons I know are responsible. At the number his current wife said this when I mentioned the car. "That was before I came along."