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The Old World

What went on in the minds of the ancient Greeks. Why did they think the gods lived on a great mountain? Why did they and the Romans at first worship Apollo? Why did all the separate peoples have their own creation myths? What was an obelisk and why did many of the cities of southern Europe have them at the eastern end of a street? What was Stonehenge for? And the Pyramids. They all have a solar alignment. There was a term that was used to describe this.


It was used to describe Indigenous people as well as the great early European cultures. What does the term mean. Did people sit around and think about our star a lot? We know that they had to plant their crops to adhere to the solar cycle but that didn't take the accuracy that the hundreds of solstice shrines around the world generally have.

The societies of the old world ran on information just like our world. The information was not carried on artificial mediums it was carried in the minds of those who used it. The somnambulistic mental state described in the first part of this site was used to access the deep unconscious where it was prepared to carry/remember the racial history of the people. The solar event either at the beginning of the new solar year or at its middle was used with the circadian rhythm deep in the unconscious mind of the bearers of oral histories for the purpose of creating chronological accuracy.

The law was made and kept in time by elite groups of people who had genetic propensity to attain a deep trance and retain vast amounts of information in their primordial mind. The most enduring societies recognized that unconditional love was the motive that motivated a human being for life to allow their mind to be used as a repository of historical knowledge about the land and the people on it.


These pages are from a book titled"The Cosmic Code" 1998, by Zecharia Sitchin


I use this text because it correctly compiles all of the significant global solstice shrines into a few pages as an enigmatic evidence of a forgotten time. The author aptly demonstrates his ignorance of the "Pagan Trance" as it was last called by people of Earth in perhaps 1300 AD. The trance is the tool of the old world to access the unconscious realm and can be infinitely subtle by design. What has happened is that designed subtlety has been compulsively mixed with mortal fear mandating secrecy and taught to children who are somnambulistic. This is why none of our modern society can know of the transitory moment separating the trance state from the conscious mind.

The Old World