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Written by Uta Ranke-Heinemann, 1927 Republished by Doubleday in 1990.

The wisdom of the words of the first paragraph is perfectly applicable today. Spee was a great man.

Above in the middle paragraph it is possible to infer that there was a reading or imprinting of a newborn childs unconscious mind conducted by the midwife, unconsciously imposed that might be of a nature to stop a vital autonomic function based on a sublime detection of something undesirable physiologically or perhaps spiritually. In that case if the operations of the midwife were without a conscious monitor/adjustment phase to their practice, they could, for fear, be doing things they don't want to do. Spiritual factions of the Caribbean can stop the heart of a subject during a trance state, so if a etheric field, appropriately called a "morphogenic field" were manipulated in the Caribbean instance, the midwifes potential would be even greater because of the evolutionary need for external attendance during human childbirth. Consciously supervised, for the purposes of protecting and empowering life and the love it can know, the midwife, on the morphogenic level could be the most important person in our evolutionary development.


Below it could be inferred that specific instructions were given to a male that made the "organ wilt". What the Middle age experts did not know is that the changelings grew into people who might later be controlled on a cellular level by invoking their intrinsic controls residing in the unconscious mind.

Above the Church recognizes that once the Pagan faction establishes patterns of behavior that invoke the animal instincts, a return to the restraints of religion are rare. Biologically supporting the presence of a natural dominance of entire mental being by the primordial mind.


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