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Written by Uta Ranke-Heinemann, 1927 Republished by Doubleday in 1990.

Above, historically, it is heresy to say these occult acts do not exist.

The mid wives used hypnosis for the induction of a somnambulistic mental state to control the pain of childbirth and the knowledge they used was contained in oral histories maintained with the same general knowledge of the unconscious minds fundamental modalities. The faction that gave them their knowledge was not understood. Due to this, on one hand, the good, the services of skilled hypnotists and healers went unnoticed, while the misdeeds of the darker factions were worthy, by the unlimited potentials of the unconscious mind and the emotion of fear, of the focus of the powerful organizations of the day and "justified?" endless persecution or atrocity.

Over time, all behaviors not conforming to the goal of naturally structured organizations reacting to what eventually, scientifically, biologically, would be seen as "irrational fears" and instituting a intolerant system of persecution through violence to enforce the mandate of a fearfully contrived (always hasty, waste through crisis manangement) "perfect evolutionary behavior" or perceptual forms of unconditional love socially recognized, protecting humanitys future by enabled self sacrifice, were dissociated in their essence as our social model was maintained or cultivated, on a daily basis by us, towards a goal defined with a faulty paradigm. BEING.......

"A society free of the factual elements defining our secret, second or unconscious lives .

Removing information of the unconscious from the availability to the scrutiny of our conscious minds.

To maintain the conversion to this social paradigm, a true dissociative cycle was instinctually actuated over generations, this site presents an interventional concept designed to supersede default fear responses and the perpetuation of the cycle;

The only reasonable exit from the cycle consists of an eventual mass conscious recognition of unconditional love as the root emotional/spiritual/behavioral element, biologically necessary, to enable instinctual motive compelling functional species survival.

If the preceding sentence was well understood then;

Organizations that describe a realm of etheric oneness/information that actually operate with "Double Consciousness" collectively, are concepts you can concieve as effecting our group behavior.


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