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or a mix of telepathy and expectation?

"It's all mental."

"Some people you can read and others you can't."

His preference for one on one implies that it is easier to be sure the desired visual impressions will be left in a single mind rather than many.


What David Blaine is doing may resemble this process;

A part of the mind that normally has no organization except autonomic functions posseses an organized, purposeful structure of genetic memory learned telepathically that was created by another and transfered to his mind. Instinct controls our mental manipulations of all information in our unconscious mind as memory. Information exclusively unconscious, sublime beyond description, identical in nature to what we call memory residing in the that part of the mind responsible for autonomics, has control over sensory potential derived from translating infinitly minute electromagnetic changes that are tracked as chemistry of the brain.


Remember 44, 10 to the 23rd power and 11,000 tons.


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