Text Compiling Aspects of Hypnosis.

Effects on children under five at bottom.

There are 12 standard tests in the SHSS (Stanford Hypnotic SusceptibilityScale) which measure how well a subject conforms to the behavior of a classically hypnotized person. By these scales, are classically unhypnotizable, most people show moderate scores, and about 10%are hypnotizable to extreme depths and show the classical deep trancephenomena such as somnambulism, visual and auditory hallucinations, and ability to remain deeply in hypnosis with eyes open.

This text is one of the better compilations of the effectiveness of hypnosis. The implications of memory confirmed by the pages of EMOTIONS and MEMORY combined with the statements of the effect of hypnosis on children under 5 here are enough to structure the parameters of possibility to include most everything needed to understand the information presented and its impacts on our world.

Near the Bottom right corner is "Contraindications"

The last statement, "addicted" must be remembered within the purpose of understanding the potentials for abuse.

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