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Jones later, paragraph. 1, p.173, verbal suggestion, affectivity and suggestion are joined with affect being the fundament. Freuds "Contributions" underline the dominance in the realm of feeling, concerning sex. A naturally understandable relationship.

Ferenzi maintains the dependence of hypnosis is with transference. Jones distills further to say "suggestion and hypnosis are transference."

Conclusion, pages 172 and 173

Comprehensively the hypnotist is suggesting and transference is happening from which the subject derives the needed information to allow and empower affectation or the hypnotists impression.

The ambiguity of the word transference and its use in Jones definition in the note as well as page 173 generally imply that the writing researcher has detected information with significant importance or meaning as well as quantity transfers between hypnotist and subject.

Combine "repressed parental instinct" with "Our drives are phylogenetic survivals." and you have said so much that a lifetime of trying to define the extent of the statement is simply not enough to cover the dynamics of motive available to exploit the compulsion to action that is desired.

Page 174, Contributions of Hypnosis